They Dined On Mince and Slices of Donna Wilson x Rococo Chocolates…

I love a good collab, especially if it’s as cute as Donna Wilson-for-Rococo. Taking Wilson’s established style of hand-drawn characters (loyal readers of this here blog will already know I’m a huge fan of Edward Lear’s poem, and Wilson’s homage-paying cushions), Rococo Chocolates is definitely the place to hit up for gifts come Easter. And when I say gifts, I mean, gifts for me. If I don’t get my hands on a box of Owl and the Pussycat chocolates (£13.95), I’ll be sulking until next April, I swear.

Joining their feathery and furry friends are £9.95 boxes with one hand-painted egg in a bone china eggcup; a 70g rabbit egg with three ganaches for £17.50; a 160g chick egg filled with six ganaches and two chocolate squares for £25; a 220g lamb egg with 10 mixed chocolates and three chocolate squares for £35, and finally, a Matryoshka doll-style egg which sees a carrot egg swallowed by a rabbit, swallowed by a fox, for £55.

The boxes are available to pre-order on Donna Wilson’s website now, so hop to it if you want to guarantee your order arrives before Easter. And when I say “your,” I of course mean, “mine.”

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2 Responses to They Dined On Mince and Slices of Donna Wilson x Rococo Chocolates…

  1. janis says:

    came across your blog in a google search for saltwater sandals (i think i’m going to get a pair!), but i stayed much longer on your site than i usually would on a random link. looking forward to reading more!

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Janis — and definitely get a pair of Saltwaters; they’re so comfy!

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