And She Was: Week Seven 2012

Having spent all of last week in Tokyo, I didn’t have much time for Tumblr and Pinterest, but I did manage to snap up some good finds (at least, in my humble opinion!) Take a look below the jump for more, along with a brief(ish) look at what I’ve been up to…

*Fringe strokes, via Ekaterina Koroleva via BumBumBum*

*Skulls and chevrons, via Webb Bland via DesignSponge*

*Yellow obsession, via DesignLoveFest*

*Stark words, via Mikko Kuorinki via Leesa Weesa*

*Monochromatic footsteps, via HEM via Decor8*

*Once around, via Therese Sennerholt via Decor8*

*Citrus quarters, via Dexillumity via Pastryy via Fresh Collective*

*Canned Chanel, via Interiors Porn*

*Pink lapel, via Style via Wear Color*

*Forest Dunst, via Wear Color*

*Squares and circles, via Rädda Barnen via From Scandinavia With Love*

*Pink promenade, via 21 Arrondissement via Wear Color*

*Building numbers, via Tina Hellberg via Emma’s Designblogg*

*Pinwheels and moustaches, via Lucky Boy Sunday via Yukkiie*

Having landed in Tokyo Monday afternoon with 15 other UK journalists for a work trip, we quickly dived (dove? I always think each word sounds funny) into Tokyo funtimes, going to a ninja-themed restaurant where we were served by ninja-clad waiters bent on surprising us at every turn. The following day — indeed, the next three and a half days, until Friday lunchtime — were spent looking at upcoming products at the various Sony buildings dotted around Tokyo, along with learning more than one could possibly ever imagine about their technologies. It was tough, what with jetlag and some pretty immense hangovers, but I’m pleased to report we all survived. Mostly.

Tuesday night we went to a traditional (naked!) hot springs onsen, then donned kimonos for our traditional eight-course dinner. Wednesday was a more relaxed night out, at the Shin Hinomoto isakaya bar with amazing fresh crab and way too much shochu and sake…that ended rather messily after around three hours of karaoke, then a trip to Geronimo’s shot bar in Roppongi. After, erm, an hour or so’s sleep, it was back to work…and then back in an amazingly traditional restaurant for a very fancy dinner with many of Sony’s top brass. Most of us sensibly headed back to the hotel for a rare “early” night, to rest up for Friday afternoon’s free time to explore the city. I had a full itinerary of things I wanted to check off the list, and Libby tagged along to check out my favourite area of Omotesando, then Harajuku, and over to Shibuya for a trip to Tower Records in search of some Japanese-only SACDs. Sadly my search was futile, but we did stumble across an amazing bakery…

That night we donned happi coats and dined on a boat, while snow fell outside. It would’ve been breath-taking, had it not been for the karaoke that accompanied the (third) eight course meal of the week. Most of us bundled off to Bauhaus, a ’70s rock and metal bar with a live covers band that was absolutely mental, before we fell into a club (where the DJ didn’t know anything but J-pop, and refused to play our requests unless we wrote them down so he could YouTube them to determine their “club worthiness” before he then downloaded them. I think we got New Order in, at the bare minimum); then the famous Gas Panic club, then McDonalds…and then the sun came up and we had to sprint back to the hotel to pack, and get to the airport. And breathe.

Sadly I had to miss Guy’s (surprise!) 30th birthday party as was just too jetlagged when I arrived home on Saturday night, but Sunday was pretty chilled, culminating in a lovely pub dinner at our local, The Florence, with Tim, Sarah and Ava before they headed back to Devon. I just really wish I could shift this jetlag.

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