Tumblr Diaries: Week Twenty-Two 2011

I stumbled over some great new (well, to me anyway) blogs this week which contributed some fine images for this week’s collection, including my new-fave look That Kate. Here are some of the best pictures that caught my eye, and some of what I’ve been up to in the last seven days…

*Light leak, no noise via Lauris Love via Floralls via The Vintage Camera*

*Camera cards, via Paper Pastries via That Kate*

*Dreaming, via Llundqvist via Lolita Lempicka*

*Cinema magic, via That Kate*

*Passionfruit and hessian, via My Little Fabric via Decor8*

*Pile of paper, via Paper is Lovely*

*Candle and lace, via Under the Sycamore via Design Sponge*

*Collection of characters, via Tad Carpenter via Grain Edit via Things Organized Neatly*

*Fisheye pond, via Lomographic Society*

*Many camera eyes, via That Kate*

*Muted corner, via Hix Sept Shop via Wear Color*

*Paul, via Beatles All Over via Anthropologie*

*Bacteria, via Scientific Illustration via Frankie*

*Place setting, via Spoonful of Vanilla via Vintageftw via Larisa-Lovely*

*Peach afternoon tea, via My Little Fabric via Decor8*

*Bound buds, via My Little Fabric via Decor8*

*Ampersand, via Home Life via Interiors Porn*

*Streamers to nowhere, via Anthology via Design Sponge*

After a weekend’s sailing, Jim returned last Monday, just in the nick of time for the Belle & Sebastian gig at the Roundhouse. It was a great night with some work chums, and a nice reminder of how awesome Camden can be when the sun’s peeking out and the trendies are all at home.

Gemma very generously invited me to join her bookclub, so we met up on Wednesday at The Library in Islington for a gasbag about Angela Carter’s Wise Children (I awarded it 8/10 stars) over some tom kha soup. This was meant to be the start of a new health-kick, but it spiralled down from there, with an afternoon spent working in Patisserie Valerie with Libs, Korean food at Bi Bim Bap (definitely recommended) with Laura and Iso, French food at Gastro in Clapham with our sarf Lahndan gang (where we saw Ava walk for the first time — apparently she’s been doing it for a week now! Albeit bow-leggededly, but we were oh so proud), and Italian food (well, pizza — Franco Manca in Brixton to be precise) on Saturday night with Laura and Nick.

Well, you can’t say it wasn’t an international week. Saturday in particular was fantastic, in all its spontaneity — after work at The Make Lounge, I raced home to join Laura and Nick at Brockwell Lido for a dip (them, not me — I stuck to sunbathing), followed for a pint in our local, The Florence, and an amble down to Brixton Village for that amazing sourdough pizza.

Jim’s gone off to Rome today for two nights, so I indulged myself by downloading Rear Window and Vertigo on Apple TV (on his credit card — well, when in Rome…) and lounged on the sofa with Effie-cat sleeping on and off my lap. Off only when I had to leap up to replenish my pot of tea. Or nab another lemon friand, made from today’s Dan Lepard recipe in The Guardian.

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4 Responses to Tumblr Diaries: Week Twenty-Two 2011

  1. Kerry says:

    I love That Kate too! He pictures are just amazing, I could gaze at them all day! You have a lovely blog and I like your selections here :) Have a lovely week.

  2. Aw, thanks Kerry! I absolutely love your blog too — I only discovered it the other week, not realising that I actually bought one of your postcards (the salmon-coloured one with the camera on it) at the Crafty Fox market in Brixton. In fact, I think I snapped a photo of you here? http://katherinehannaford.com/2011/04/16/crafty-fox-market-hits-the-brixton-dogstar-again/

  3. margaret says:

    I love your blog! just came across it. Thanks for posting my camera stationery :)

  4. You, Margaret, are one talented lady. I love your stationery, especially the cameras one!

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